Stone Dew

About Stone Dew

Hello there,

My name is Sergey Moiseyev. I am the founder of the Stone Dew brand.

Let me share something with you.

I have been in the wellness and nutritional supplements industry for over 27 years now. I guess, I have seen it all. I saw the rise and fall of many multinational nutritional supplements companies. To be fully honest, I was sometimes a part of these companies too. What all those years have taught me, is that the most important for a human being is the quality of life.

Let me be more specific on this vague term – «quality of life». For me, after all these years, it is a summation of physical, emotional, intellectual and social qualities of anyone’s life. Everything in this world was meant to be in balance between these crucial components. This is what I have learned during these 27 years in the industry which has helped millions of people around the globe to find their own feeling and understanding of this term.

I will tell you my personal story. It is very special.

I was born in Russia (my name tells it, right?). During my early years I travelled much about that country. Once I was brought to a distant place in the Altai Mountains region. After several days and nights in the wild, I found a place for the night. This was a tiny settlement near the mountains. I still remember the cold of the night there. After we had some sort of a dinner with our hosts, and I was sipping on a hot cup of what smelled like tea, then I noticed an old man watching me closely. So closely that it became scary at some point. I was young and careless at that time, so I stood up and came up to the man, demanding why he was looking at me in this way. He only grinned at me, and did not say a word. I demanded again (a foreigner for them, mind you). He laughed mildly, and asked me to sit beside him. I did sit beside him. And he talked to me. We were not talking about anything sacred (what you would expect from the writings of Carlos Castañeda or something like this). Not at all: he asked me about what went on at the «Main Land» (this is what they called the central parts of Russia at the time with Moscow as the capital), about the government and their decisions, and so on. But I could not but notice that the man was not so ordinary somehow. And I asked him, how old he was. He said that he was 78. But it was so obvious that he did not look like 78, that I had to ask him again. He confirmed to me that he was 78 and was nearing his 79th birthday. He even asked his wife (their family was hosting me there) to reconfirm, and she did. I was astonished. He clearly did not look 78. At the maximum I would put him at 65, no older. I honestly told him I did not get it. He laughed (mildly again), and explained, that, most probably, this was due to the fact that he and his wife had always practiced the use of Shilajit all throughout their lives.

This was a life ago. So many years have passed. I was involved in the new brave world economy since that time. I left Russia for good. I found my new life out there. And I have never realized, until about a year ago, what sort of a treasure I was given back at that time of my youth. You see, for all those 27 years in the wellness industry I have been overlooking one big thing: the balance. All the nutrients, all the supplements I have been involved with since, they were just a half-way to the balance. The true balance was lying beneath all this.

The true balance is and has always been lying in Shilajit. I firmly believe in this, because I have studied the subject for more than a year and a half, because I have practiced the use of Shilajit for all this time, and because I am more than confident that after all these years of research we, at Stone Dew, have finally found the answer.

We have identified the best provider of the true clear Shilajit in the Altai region of Russia. As you know, Shilajit is available from various regions (the Himalayans primarily), but here is the question: with all those thousands of years needed to produce real Shilajit and the number of guys claiming the authenticity of their Himalayan Shilajit, will you be able to believe that that much of the stuff is still available? I will leave this to you to decide…

We chose to name our brand "Stone Dew". This is for a purpose. Shilajit, as you might know, is found as a compound «squeezing out» of the rocks of high mountains. Like dew. And since it goes through rocks, and is found on rocks, of course it is Stone Dew!

Get to know our product. Try it and see for yourself how easy sometimes it is to find the balance.

Thank you!