How good is Shilajit for your wellbeing?

Throughout the centuries, the bacteria really had the time to bring the best out of the plants – Shilajit is a true warehouse of rejuvenating substances. It is wholesome in its action what means it affects the body positively in a proportionate manner.

It’s a potent antioxidant

First off, Shilajit teems with free radicals scavenging compounds including pyrone derivatives and phenols e.g. fulvic and humic acids. We all know how important and universal keeping the oxidative stress level low truly is – it alleviates the overall inflammation, prevents skin – aging and cancerous growth as well as sharpens the mind. Eventually, we end up with a healthy body, glowing skin and hair, clear thinking and ability to focus.

It increases stamina

Aside from its high amount of humic acid, Shilajit is also abundant in iron. These two substances are known to support a healthy haematocrit (the percentage of red blood cells within the blood). Since the haematocrit level is proportionate to the amount of oxygen delivered to our tissues, we can say that the black powder gives us strength as well as nurtures stamina. Thus, we also have more energy to get throughout the day and face its struggles.

It’s good for the brain

What is special about the antioxidants of Shilajit is that they do cross the so – called blood – brain barrier. For this reason they can freely get inside the brain tissue and act further from there. Antioxidants significantly improve memory, focus and clear thinking on their own by eliminating detrimental chemical by – products however Shilajit has one more action up its sleeve. It has been proven that the powder effectively blocks tau self – aggregation what is another mechanism for memory improvement.

It has an anti-anxiety effect

Speaking about the brain, it has been shown that Shilajit’s ingredients are as effective as anxiolytic drugs e.g. diazepam in proportionate doses. Thanks to that, this organic product can destress and calm you down in a totally natural, mild way.

It boosts immunity

Not only does Shilajit make you stronger but it also boosts your immune system. It does so by increasing the activity of white blood cells – the cells responsible for the immune response. Moreover, it posesses benzocoumarins, substances of great antimicrobial properties, preventing infections.

It is good for your lipids

It has been proven that Shilajit has a possitive effect on your lipid profile – it decreases the triglycerides and LDL (“bad cholesterol”) levels and increases the HDL (“the good cholesterol”) level at the same time. For this reason, it effectively mitigates the overall inflammation even further.

As you can see it yourself, Shilajit is indeed a true wonder substance as confirmed by the biggest wellbeing philosophies. It is very universal yet effective in action, positively influencing multiple aspects of one’s health. That is why it is a perfect addition to your everyday life, to make it beter than it already is.

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