Importance of trace minerals for health and Shilajit as a source

Trace minerals are involved in the regulation and balance of respiratory, digestive, neurovegetative, muscular, and metabolic functions.

Our body cannot produce minerals, and that is why it is necessary to obtain them through diet or supplements because their deficit can cause diseases.

Minerals are in our organism elementally, without chemically reacting with each other.

Trace minerals in the elemental form are important in our body because they participate in highly specific biochemical reactions, such as cellular metabolism, and the functioning of organs, such as the cardiovascular system.

Trace minerals can be dissolved in body fluids or as part of proteins, which are the most important structural constituents of protoplasm, bones, teeth (Ca and P), body fluids (Cl, K, and Na), of blood (Fe), and nerve conduction channels.

Essential trace minerals for the proper functioning of the organism

Fluorine, Iodine, Selenium, and Silicon (metalloids); Chrome, Cobalt, Iron, Lithium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Copper, Tin, Vanadium, and Zinc (metals).

The deficit of nutrients and minerals (unbalanced diet, digestive diseases, stress, among others) can cause important diseases or conditions that affect health.

If the diet is supplemented with the trace mineral before the disease causes irreversible damage, the metabolism is rebalanced and, therefore, health is restored (or the evolution of the disease stops), as it happens with vitamins when they are administered in deficiency states.

Shilajit as a source of trace minerals

Shilajit has adaptogenic, nourishing, and chelating properties. In Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Indian medicine, it is considered key to achieving immortality.

Shilajit is a mineral resin of organic origin formed by millions of years of humification of plant sediments (algae and biomass), which were trapped under high pressure and heat during the formation of the Himalayas.

This resin has been collected for millennia during the warm months (when filtered by rocks) by various Buddhist monasteries and from the great empires in China.

Its high content of minerals concentrated for centuries and purified by nature gives it important healing properties, such as having vital strength and mental clarity, also provides important microelements for the cellular and metabolic functioning of the body.

Shilajit: Natural revitalizing for your health

The composition of Shilajit elements gives it important chelating and revitalizing properties.

The main composition of Shilajit

  • It is a complex of more than 84 natural minerals in ionic form, mainly iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, silicon, and selenium.
  • Humic acid: The essential nutrient of plant origin, is the main compound of Shilajit (up to 60%).
  • Fulvic acid: Optimizes all biological processes in your body, from oxygen absorption, super water solubility, absorption, and free radical conversion. Its main feature is its ability to eliminate mercury, aluminum, and other metals and toxins from the body.


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