Why Yoga followers choose Shilajit

Finding your way in Ayurveda, yoga or simply on your journey to wellness, you must have stumbled across this blackish-brown powder. Shilajit, a health-giving organic decomposition end product, has been an acclaimed wonder substance since many centuries BC, associated with enormous therapeutic value. It may have taken hundreds of years for the beneficial bacteria to produce it, nontheless the final result is astonishing. Thousands of people have chosen it to improve their lives and boost their wellbeing, here is why you should join them too.

Yoga as well as Ayurveda are all about balance. Balance of the energy which continuously flows through our bodies and souls. It constitutes a great, integral part of ourselves, propelling us to take on specific actions in particular situations – it is our inseparable, inner fuel. In Yoga, this concept of energy finds its reflection in seven chakras-vital points through which energy travels and in which it accumulates while in Ayurveda the energy is dispersed over three doshas. What these two seemingly different concepts have in common is that, in order to stay healthy, a person should have all of the seven chakras or all of the three doshas, that’s right, in balance. Shilajit guarantees that.

As mentioned earlier, this blackish fine powder carries immense therapeutic value – it is full of potent antioxidants, coumarines and elements beneficial for basically every bodily system. To mention some of its perks, it is advantageous e.g. for focus, memory, anxiety, the skin or the cardio-vascular as well as immunity organs. In other words, it is wholesome in its action what means it affects the body positively in a proportionate manner – for this reason in Yoga it has been named “vahi” or a “joining carrier”. It teems with precious substances itself nonetheless it is also able to carry and send them deep into various tissues for even efficacy. For balance. 

In Ayurveda there exist three doshas or forms of energy that everyone owns – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their idea has been built on combining natural Earth elements together. Vata, uniting Earth and Air, represents our nervous system – our creative thinking but also, if imbalanced, stress and anxiety. To emphasize the significance of one’s mind and mental health, Vata is considered the most important dosha. Fiery Pitta is strongly connected with the digestive system while Kapha, a stagnant child of Earth and Water, cares for the body’s structure or, put differently, maintenance of its harmony. At this point it goes without saying that they all need to be in balance together – it is believed that Shilajit ensures that. Nevertheless, the powder is especially used to stabilize overactive Vata or Kapha – since Shilajit brings warmth and strenght, it neutralizes lightness of the latter and the lethargy of the former. It possesses lots of iron and humic acid, supporters of healthy haematocrit (the percentage of red blood cells within the blood), increasing one’s stamina as well as it boosts immunity by promoting the activity of white blood cells and having antimicrobial properties. A person ends up strong, lively and once again, balanced. 

As you can see it yourself, Shilajit is indeed a true wonder substance as confirmed by the biggest wellbeing philosophies. It is very universal yet effective in action, positively influencing multiple aspects of one’s health. That is why it is a perfect addition to your everyday life, to make it beter than it already is.

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