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Healthy Business

Health is a very broad notion. It can be applied in a narrow, only physical way, of course. But in fact, it is much broader than that. It is all about one’s quality of life.

«Quality of life» is a summation of physical, emotional, intellectual and social qualities of anyone’s life. All these crucial components were meant to be in balance. Once balanced, they compose everyone’s health in a very tangible way.

«Wealthy» does not necessarily equal «healthy». But «healthy» may very well equal «wealthy» (or, at least, «profitable»). This is what we call a Healthy Business. Stay healthy, help other stay healthy too, and earn money for doing this. Healthy money, just like healthy food.

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Loyal Customer

Become a Loyal (registered) Customer and earn a 5% discount on your every purchase with us. Saving is earning, let us not forget this simple but so true concept. You stay healthy earning your healthy discount by simply registering with us as a Loyal Customer. Plain and simple. No catches. No obligations.


A one-time discount is great. But how about getting more? Would you like the natural source of your energy replenish automatically? Would you like to get your Shilajit delivered to you on schedule without you worrying about it?

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Monthly Purchase

We know how tricky subscriptions may often get: you subscribe and forget about it, then suddenly you are charged for it. Not with us. We offer you our Monthly Purchase plan: no obligations, no subscriptions – if you forget about us, we will simply remind you. That is almost it. Almost, because when you keep purchasing on a monthly basis, you get 10% off your purchase!
  • 10% discount on your every monthly order.
  • Get your orders delivered to you every month.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on our new products.
  • Get 24/7 exclusive VIP support.
  • Contribute to our healthy community and get prizes in contests and events.

Have a large family? Lots of friends and neighbors you care about? Want to get more product and even bigger discounts? We have something special to offer.

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Family-Size Orders

Enjoy our 15% discount for Family-Size buyers – order 5 (five) or more units in one order! Make your friends and family happy and healthy! Simply register as our Loyal Customer and start shopping Family-Size! You will see your discounts applied at Checkout.


Now, when you have saved a lot, isn't it time to start earning big? You can easily arrange this through our Affiliate Program.

20%-30% commission

Become an Affiliate

If you are a blogger, fitness instructor, lifestyle coach, beauty consultant or any person or company who is willing to distribute Shilajit to subscribers, clients and friends – this offer is for you.

Sign up – Log in – Create your referral link – Share the link – Get from 20% to 30% commission bonus on every purchase made with your referral code. Easy.
Control your earnings through your personal account dashboard.


If you are an active and health-oriented person, and you would like to create a profitable business – become our Distributor!

Exclusive Terms

Become a Distributor

Create and foster your own community of active and healthy people, attract partners and earn healthy money by getting our special distributor terms, promotional materials, education and support, and start enjoying a luxury lifestyle!


Looking for wholesale prices or want to become a business partner? Take advantage of our Special Price offer!

Special Price

Wholesale discount

Stone Dew is the manufacturer of high-quality Shilajit. If you are interested in buying Shilajit wholesale, get in touch with our Partnership Department.


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