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Is Shilajit Safe?

When it comes to safety, everyone is concerned. How safe is the food you buy at your corner shop? How safe is the soft drink you purchase from a vending machine in your nearby laundry? How safe is the bread you get to your table every morning from the bakery across the street? Do you ask yourself these questions? Most probably you don’t. And most of the time, you don’t have to. But when it goes beyond your daily routine, when you are about to buy something new and unknown, you most probably do have to. It is fair and common-sense (and right). The question of safety must be asked and answered. Since Shilajit is not a product you would buy every day like your morning Starbucks coffee, for example, it is a legitimate question to ask: how safe is it to take, anyway?

Well, Shilajit is a very specific substance. First and foremost, it is not (and never has been) a cure or remedy for any kind of illness, disorder or disease. It does, however, posses certain specific (and special) characteristics which allow scientists and nutrition specialists to classify this substance as highly valuable for the human organism as a whole.
Many scientific and medical studies have been conducted in different countries to verify the beneficial effect of various elements and trace minerals, contained in Shilajit, to the human body. Some of them were done decades ago (in the USSR and the Soviet Mongolia, for example). Some of them are under way now (in India, the U.S. and other Western countries). But all of them are clear on one aspect: Shilajit is safe if taken in recommended doses.

 What is a «recommended dose», one would ask. It is up to 1 gram (0.035oz) daily for an average-weight person. Usually nutrition specialists and traditional medicine practitioners recommend using 200mg to 250mg per intake, such intakes may vary daily from 1 to 3 times. For the recommended use and dose, please refer to our special «How to use» section.
Shilajit is a natural substance. As such, it also contains heavy metals which are typically found in very small quantities in all types and sorts of Shilajit wherever it was gathered. Heavy metals   in tiny quantities are found in our everyday food too. But what is important to be aware of, is not the very fact of heavy metals being present in a product, rather than the amounts of these heavy metals. There are strict scientifically established allowable limits for such content in a product, enforced by governmental health agencies like FDA. Each and every product that reaches a consumer must meet these requirements. This is ensured by implementing special purification technologies when producing Shilajit in order to either fully eliminate the presence of certain substances in the final product or to lower its content to meet the strict requirements. After the product is manufactured, its quality is tested by a third-party laboratory.

Stone Dew Shilajit (1 oz)

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100% Purified Shilajit Resin

Stone Dew Shilajit is 100% purified Shilajit resin without anything else added to it whatsoever. It was harvested in the high regions of the Altai Mountains, carefully and knowledgeably purified to perfection and proudly brought to you.

What is very important to realize, is the fact (and this also has been proven by studies) that results may (and will) vary significantly from person to person, depending on a person’s initial or underlying conditions, on one’s daily diet, on such simple things as weight and daily routine. «Everything is relative», as Einstein would probably state. For some, the results of using Shilajit on everyday basis would be evident right from the start. For some, the results would not be so evident within a month’s time. For others, it may never work the way they would expect. But in either case, the very use of Shilajit would not be harmful if taken correctly.

 We sincerely wish you well. And we produce Stone Dew Shilajit for your wellbeing. Please consult your medical practitioner before taking any nutrition supplement, not Shilajit in particular, to make a well-informed and sound decision. On our part, we have made everything to ensure that Stone Dew Shilajit is compliant with the highest quality and safety standards, and our Shilajit is always third-party lab tested to make sure that you get the product which is safe to use.

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