Overview The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most countries around the world, causing hundreds of thousands of people to get infected and thousands of deaths. For the most part, patients of young age with competent immune systems experience mild flu-like symptoms when they get infected; however, older people and individuals with compromised immunity and/or co-morbidities are at a higher risk of developing life-threatening complications. However, this is not the first time it happens! COVID-19 belongs to
Trace minerals are involved in the regulation and balance of respiratory, digestive, neurovegetative, muscular, and metabolic functions. Our body cannot produce minerals, and that is why it is necessary to obtain them through diet or supplements because their deficit can cause diseases. Minerals are in our organism elementally, without chemically reacting with each other. Trace minerals in the elemental form are important in our body because they participate in highly specific biochemical reactions, such as
Finding your way in Ayurveda, yoga or simply on your journey to wellness, you must have stumbled across this blackish-brown powder. Shilajit, a health-giving organic decomposition end product, has been an acclaimed wonder substance since many centuries BC, associated with enormous therapeutic value. It may have taken hundreds of years for the beneficial bacteria to produce it, nontheless the final result is astonishing. Thousands of people have chosen it to improve their lives and boost
Throughout the centuries, the bacteria really had the time to bring the best out of the plants – Shilajit is a true warehouse of rejuvenating substances. It is wholesome in its action what means it affects the body positively in a proportionate manner. It’s a potent antioxidant First off, Shilajit teems with free radicals scavenging compounds including pyrone derivatives and phenols e.g. fulvic and humic acids. We all know how important and universal keeping the
Overview Many advertisers market their product to showcase their positive health effects on humans; some take this one step further and claim their product can add 5 years to your life, or maybe even 10! These Ads are always designed in a way that tricks individuals with no medical background. You’ll often find “medical terminology” implanted in these Ads that doesn’t make any sense; however, to the everyday people, this terminology is quite impressive! The

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