Shipping and Returns

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

Effective April 08, 2020


Shipping is done through all channels available to us at any particular moment and may depend on various circumstances. Shipping times may vary, and we apologize in advance if your expectations are not met due to specifics beyond our powers. We are taking all possible measures to ensure the fastest and safest delivery of our products to you.


We ship internationally. If you need to ship your order to some country other than the United States, please contact us and we will help you calculate the best shipping rate.


We ship within Mexico in 2-3 days for a flat rate of MXN 300.00.


We will accept returned products provided the following conditions are met:

• the product to be returned was purchased from our website (this should be confirmed by proof of purchase);
• the product to be returned was purchased no more than 14 calendar days prior to your decision to return it (that is, you have 14 days to return from the date you purchased);
• the product packaging has not been opened or tempered with;
• the person wishing to return the product informed us of his/her intention to return the product at least 10 days prior to returning it by sending us an email request at with explanation of the reasons for return.

Please kindly note that you will have to ship the product being returned at your own expense. You will be refunded the full price of the product less the handling fee of 3.5% of the price.


We will gladly replace the product should it be accidentally damaged during transportation to you. For replacement, please provide us with the proof of purchase and make sure that you ship the product back to us within 5 calendar days from its purchase. Please ship the product to our address, and will replace the product and refund your shipping costs. In such a case, make sure that you provide us with the maximum possible details at attaching the images of the damaged product and your proof of purchase.