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Shilajit, also sometimes called «mummy», is known to the world since ancient times. Its current name in many Asian countries («mummy») comes from a Greek word with the meaning of "retaining heat." The Iranian (Persian) name sounds like "mum" - "protecting the body." The Arab physician, Ibn Betar, in the seventh century wrote about the "substance of mummy", which comes "from the country of Apollonia." It descends with water flows from the “luminous mountains”, then it hardens and acquires the smell of tar on the shore.

By the way, it was the Europeans who began to call the Egyptian mummies «mummies». The ancient Egyptians themselves called them «Sahu». The word "mummy" appeared about 1000 BC. in European writings. And this was due to the fact that, when in the VII century, the Arabs conquered Egypt and saw embalmed bodies, they «identified" a product known to them. However, they did not check it for authenticity, it just looked like “mum”. And since that time it was believed that the Egyptians used mummy for embalming. No one even wondered where the Egyptians could take the product, produced in very limited quantities, in such amounts.

 This misconception led to the fact that Egyptian mummies became very appreciated in Europe for medicinal purposes. In Egypt, this black mass was called the "Illyrian resin." Rumors about it spread throughout Europe along with a rumor about the miraculous properties, and selling it became insanely profitable. Robbers in Egypt began to dig graves and pull out mummies, from the skulls and bones of which they produced black liquid and sold it for profit. When demand for the substance increased, the corpses of criminals and simply dead people began to be used for the production of the «magic» tar.

In 1564, Guy de Fontaine of Navarre , a French physician, wrote that he personally found in the village of one of the merchants in Alexandria piles of bodies of slaves, which were intended for processing into mummies. There, one of the merchants offered him 40 varieties of mummy. The corpses were treated with bitumen and dried in the sun, so that the bodies became to look like Egyptian mummies. In Europe it was well known. Even in Shakespeare’s «Othello», Othello's handkerchief, which he gave to Desdemona, was saturated with “moisture from the hearts of mummies”.

Regarding the true history, «mummy» or Shilajit,  has been known in Asian countries for ages. It had different names depending on the country and language, its properties and appearance. The Arabs called it “hafiz al-alzhssod” (“keeping warm”) or “arakul dzhibol” (“mountain sweat”). In Tibet and Mongolia - “brag-shun”, in Siberia and Altai - “baragshin, barakhshin, brakshun” (“mountain oil”, “stone oil”). In India (and the rest of the world now) it is known as shalajit ’(“conquering the stone ”). But whatever the name, it is still the same substance, world-wide known as Shilajit.

Stone Dew Shilajit (1 oz)

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100% Purified Shilajit Resin

Stone Dew Shilajit is 100% purified Shilajit resin without anything else added to it whatsoever. It was harvested in the high regions of the Altai Mountains, carefully and knowledgeably purified to perfection and proudly brought to you.

Purified Shilajit looks like a thick, homogeneous plastic mass, easily kneading with hands, dark brown or black with a shiny smooth surface. It has a bitter taste and a specific spicy (even tar-like) smell. It is completely soluble in water and poorly soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents. When stored, it loses moisture and becomes harder (for example, in a fridge).

In the initial Shilajit, the amount of the beneficial substances is much smaller, and after purification its volume increases significantly. In the course of purification, the final product becomes more organic: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen become present in the form of various acids, proteins and resins. The inorganic parts — especially heavy metals, like aluminum, rubidium, cesium, barium, tin, chromium, and much more — are mostly excreted.

Now basically the Shilajit purification process is the following. The collected raw material is crushed and poured with warm boiled water. The solution is left to infuse for five days. Then, after thorough filtration, water is removed from the solution by evaporating, and the evaporation temperature is very important for the subsequent biological activity of Shilajit. If compounds of trace elements are preserved at high temperatures, then compounds of amino acids, which form the basis of the biological activity of Shilajit, begin to decompose already at + 45-50 ° С (113-122 °F). Therefore, it is best if vacuum drying is used in special laboratories, when the water evaporates intensively at low temperatures.

The result is a solid mass with a shiny surface. Its color can be different: from yellow-brown to black, the hue shades will also be different depending on the composition, the same goes true for the smell.

It is believed that Shilajit has no shelf life. Even the most cautious estimates give it 40 to 50 years of storage life without any loss in its properties. This, however, does not apply to “tablets” based on Shilajit, where various additional substances are introduced into the tablets, made of the Shilajit powder.

At Stone Dew we truly believe that the consumer must get the best. The best is the pure, unaltered form of the substance, which contains the most of its natural components that are so vital for the human body. This is why when manufacturing our Stone Dew Shilajit we utilize the modern yet proprietary technological process of Shilajit purification. And only the best (as confirmed each time by a third-party laboratory testing of every production batch) product is then shipped to a customer like you.

Times change. Attitudes and approaches not necessarily do. Still there are very many merchants and vendors boasting about the quality of their Shilajit, with so much fake or low-quality Shilajit in the market at very low prices. But give it just a moment to think about this: with so little genuine Shilajit around the world, how could it possibly be so many offers of the «best quality Shilajit» in the market?

We are absolutely confident that our Stone Dew Shilajit has been produced to the highest quality standards, being pure and potent. We are proud of being the supplier of the highest quality Shilajit, bringing you this gift of Nature as it was really meant to be.

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