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How to use

Despite the fact that Shilajit as a substance with many special characteristics has been known for several thousands of years, not until now a scientific approach to its use was implemented. Previously, the authors of the ancient times would describe an average dose as a «pea-size» or a «rice-grain size» per intake. These were the days when no common measurement system was in place. It was up to a person to decide what this «pea-size» was and how to actually measure this «pea-size».

Thanks to the universal progress, we are all now familiar with this or that measurement system (Imperial or Metric). It is now much easier to measure length, volume and weight. When we purchase our daily food, we measure its weight by pounds and ounces or kilograms and grams (depending on which side of the globe you happen to be).

The same holds true for measuring other substances, like Shilajit.

A daily adult dose has been established by various studies as not exceeding 1 gram (0.035 oz). This is approximately 3 to 4 times a day by 200mg to 250mg per intake. Very much depends on the quality of Shilajit you use. The higher the quality, the less the amount of Shilajit you would usually take is. For low-quality powder Shilajit you have to use more per intake (simply because the powder Shilajit is less potent and you have to compensate for the lower level of the elements and trace minerals contained there). For liquid Shilajit (our Stone Dew Shilajit is considered liquid, though it is resinous in its physical form rather than the «hard» and stone-like Shilajit collected in the mountains but not yet purified), it would be like 200mg per intake.

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Stone Dew Shilajit is 100% purified Shilajit resin without anything else added to it whatsoever. It was harvested in the high regions of the Altai Mountains, carefully and knowledgeably purified to perfection and proudly brought to you.

But how to measure this amount, one would ask.

Many Shilajit producers add a sort of measuring spoon to their package to help you with this. This indeed is useful, but what if you do not have a measuring spoon? It is very simple, in fact. Let us come back to the basics: the ancients told us about a «pea-sized» dose or a «rice-grain» size. We all know what a rice grain looks like, right? Take a plain kitchen knife, use it to take some Shilajit out of the container making sure you take a sort of a «rice-grain» in size. No rocket science. This would be the right size. No one is expected to be using a chemistry-lab graded scales to weigh the amount of Shilajit you take out. It is actually of no great importance. Be realistic and simple and common-sense. Do not use a tea-spoon load of Shilajit to dissolve in a glass of liquid of your choice (be it tea, coffee or any juice you prefer). Just a tip of the knife will suffice. Otherwise it would be very close to the Medieval scholars’ attempts to find out how many angels can dance on the tip of a needle. With the same results, probably.

As for what other substances Shilajit can be used with, the answer is: almost with any! Any liquid of your preference will do the job: tea, coffee, juice, water, etc. The main factor to take into consideration is that such a liquid should not exceed the temperature of 120°F (that is, you should never try to dissolve Shilajit in boiling water – otherwise you will simply destroy it and all the good stuff is gone). Warm liquids, on the other hand, help Shilajit dissolve quickly without any harm to the contained elements and trace minerals which are vital for your body.

Now, what are the «don’ts»? First and foremost, no alcohol during your Shilajit course. This is simply due to the fact that Shilajit can easily dissolve in various liquids but not in spirits or alcohol-containing ones. There is no use in taking Shilajit along with alcohol – you simply will not get the results you were so hoping for. Just because Shilajit will not work as expected. This is for starters.

You should not rely solely on the effects brought to you by Shilajit in order to stay healthy: keep to your daily healthy diet, do your exercises, stay fit – this is where Shilajit comes into play. It is a supplement, not a replacement! Please keep this in mind when thinking of possible results.

Shilajit is a natural substance. And its use should also be natural.

Stay fit, stay well, keep it this way!

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